Kakshaa is a free education portal to provide parents, students and teachers a seamless experience of searching online material for holistic learning. Our search engine provides curated collection of content sourced from thousands of global education websites, recommending videos, worksheets, online games, virtual tours etc. on varied topics based on key learning outcomes inspired by the New Education Policy.

Currently we have focused on primary education curriculum, yet we are quickly evolving & developing the solution to expand its reach across all classes, multiple curriculums & different geographies to provide reference material to school & home school students for enriching their learning experience and enable teachers with worksheet generators, reference videos, games – to facilitate a hybrid model of teaching. Our solution also emphasizes on facilitating co-curricular learning to provide greater exposure beyond the realms of teaching concepts.

For account holders of Kakshaa, users can additionally save their favourite contents & also track their learning progress across varied subjects – to ensure continuous learning & development.

Hope Kakshaa helps you with - LESS TIME SEARCHING. MORE TIME LEARNING!